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Mediteranian Inspired Grilled Fish

I eat fairly regularly fish as part of my diet.  One of the most common methods I like to use, is to oven bake the whole fish in one go, Mediterranean style, with a little tomatoes, capsicums and mushrooms.  It’s a quick, easy and nutritious meal to prepare, normally ready within half and hour.  The beauty of this method is that it’s not only cooking in it’s own juices, but the run off from the fish stops the vegetables from burning or sticking to the foil.  Add a little rice and you can spoon the juices over it, adding to the flavour.  I hope you enjoy this recipe, as much as I enjoy eating it.

Quick and easy, lemon squeezy

Quick and easy, lemon squeezy


1x sea bream or any white fish, gutted and descaled
1x lemon
Bunch of dill
3x Capsicum
250 grams of mushrooms
Dozen cherry tomatoes
Olive oil

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