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Kintan – Japanese Barbecue Review

One afternoon while wandering London, with a hungry belly, I came across restaurant chain I’d been meaning to visit for a while, reinterpreting Korean barbecue with a Japanese twist in the heart of Holborn area.  A well presented and friendly staff had us seated at our table letting us know what were the specials of the day, where we were pleasantly surprised that their Happy Hour was virtually all day long, potentially dangerous if you wanted to embrace the Salary man concept with a little sake, a little plum wine and a whole lot of beer.

Seated in the comfortable leather booths, in the middle of the table is a sunken electric grill, where a hotplate is placed, once your order is taken.  We opted for a mixture of red and white meats, along with starters and seafood, each with their own recommended dipping sauce and marinates.

The concept is pretty simple, you read of the menu  what you’d like and the waiting staff brings to your table all the marinated ingredients, where they’ll fire up the electric grill for you and at your own leisure, cook your own meal, with the sizzling aroma of the marinates and meats caramelising in the air.



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Babaji – Soho – London

For those of you that are London based and like to follow the food scene, it’s virtually impossible not to have come across one of Alan Yau’s restaurants, the former founder of Wagamama’s and for a more upmarket spin on Modern Asian cuisine Hakkasan and Yauatcha.  Where previously he’d sold off his shares in the brands he’d established, Alan was no stranger to diversifying his cullinary interests, such as the Milanese inspired bakery, Princi‘s.  Adding to his establishments, is the recently opened in December modern Turkish inspired cafe/restaurant Babaji Pide, on the corner of Shaftesbury Avenue and Wardour Street, a high profile location in Soho.


Babaji Pide

Tea or Coffee Anyone?

Tea or Coffee Anyone?

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Hai Street Kitchen – Leadenhall Market – London

Fusion food.  Who doesn’t like the idea of combining foods, to get the best of culinary worlds colliding?  Now imagine if you will, the love child of combining fresh ingredients you’d expect to have in a Japanese sushi bar and the flavours that pop in a Mexican burrito.  BOOM!  What’s come forth, from the mind of American chef, Takao Iinuma, is the Sushi-Burrito, which as some of you may have guessed, I’m a sucker for food in that oh so convenient, tube form.

So come one lunch time, looking to embrace my hunter/gatherer instincts, I ended up at the Leadenhall Markets, where I’d been meaning for a while to check out Hai Street Kitchen, home of the Sushi-Buritto.  With it’s invitingly, irreverent name, I decided to venture to the store and see what was on the menu.

Mmm...  more food in tube form.

Mmm… more food in tube form.

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Jackson Rye – Soho – London

One Sunday morning, in the not so distant past, I woke up, raised my weary head, rubbed my eyes, followed by my belly, and listened to its internal monologue: Feed me.  Feed me now. And with that, it was then out the door (and into some pants), then a mission onto Soho on a Sunday. Rather than mainlining a IV of the dark nectar that is coffee, I ventured past Jackson Rye, an Americana styled establishment, that wasn’t too far off from resembling a 50’s clubroom, with bluegrass southern sounds, pulsing from inside.  I was soon greeted by a friendly and polite, member of staff. PANO_20140601_142004 They were pretty full with bustling tables, which is generally a good sign and seated by the bar, which is not such a bad place to find yourself in.

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Ember Yard – Soho, LONDON

It’s definitely been a while since I last posted about one of my culinary adventures, in the world of the epi-curious.  Digging through the backlog of visual smorgasboards and fond remembrance, back one winters day, at the end of 2013, I was fortunate enough to meet up with a gathering of fine friends, and feast on the Latin inspired, Italian/Spanish tapas’ restaurant, where the style of cooking that separates it from the usual tapas’ concept, is that the majority of food comes off a charcoal grill, embedding that smoky flavoursome note, that I enjoy.  Ember yard, did not disappoint

Comfortably seated in our tastefully decorated booth, our waiter explained that the fine selection of tasty treats on the menu, with aplomb and friendliness.  A good sign of a place is happy staff that know’s their food.


Grilled octopus Peperonata and mojo verde aioli – £8.25

initially we ordered the octopus with peperonata and mojo verde aioli, which being a fan of the turgid treats, was surprisingly tender, drizzled and placed atop of the Italian inspired peperonata, the dish was an excellent foray into what was to come next.

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