Fish Jook/Congee

I live half a world a way from where I was born.  One dish that I consider comfort food, a dish that you enjoy as a child, a dish when you’re feeling a little sick or a dish that reminds me of home, is jook or congee.

Basically a rice porridge/soup, one little scoop of rice can go a long way.  The beauty of this dish is that you can have it plain, or add chicken, fish, pork or any other condiments of your choice.  As a kid, my mother used to use a ham-hock bone, infusing it with it’s smokey, salty qualities, even better when you get at the bone marrow.

These days I tend to have it in the weekend, where I can make a large pot of it and share it over the course of a few days, as mentioned, a little can go a long way, from my heart to your stomach.


A scoop of rice
Pinch of salt
Tablespoon of oil
3 litres of water
Ginger cut finely
2-3 Fish fillets
Finely cut ginger
Spring onions cut finely
Dried scallops (optional but recommended)

Chopped for your pleasure.

Chopped for your pleasure.


– Wash the rice
– Add a scoop of rice to a bowl
– Fill the bowl with water
– Add a pinch of salt and oil
– Let it stand for atleast an hour

Who said, oil and water doesn't mix?

Who said, oil and water doesn’t mix?

– Bring 2 litres of water to a deep pot to boil
– Add contents of bowl to pot
– Continue to boil for for another 15 minutes, stir
– Add half a litre, stir and continue to boil

Boil it down

Boil it down

– Add half a litre, stir and continue to boil

A little ginger for taste

A little ginger for taste

– Add the fish and ginger, stir and boil for another 5 to 10 minutes

Fish fillets

Fish fillets

– Add chopped spring onions and soy sauce to taste.

A little spring onion to taste

A little spring onion to taste


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  1. Before I was old enough to walk or talk, my diet mostly consisted of fish jook. It’s so easy to digest and comforting.

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