Poached fish in White Herb Sauce

I tend to eat a fair amount of seafood in my diet, one of the main sources of fascination is the amount of variety you can get with fish.  From the humble anchovy to the zebrafish.  If I can grill, fry it, poach, bake it or steam it, I’ll try a way to eat it.  One of my quick go to dishes, is to poach the fish, to make it a bit interesting, I like to add a bit more body sometimes to the dish by making a herb béchamel or white sauce, you can easily prep and have this ready to feed people, in literally 20 minutes from start to finish.



450 grams of fish of your choice (I prefer cod as it’s not too flaky and holds itself well)
500 ml milk
50g butter
35g plain flour
salt and freshly milled black pepper
3x spring onion stalks
A pinch of pepper
A pinch of dill
A wedge of lemon


Nothing like fresh herbs being added to the mix

Nothing like fresh herbs being added to the mix


–  The next stage is to create the béchamel sauce, by turning the stove onto a low-medium heat, in order to have better control the reaction.  Drop the butter into a pot and with the sifted flour, the butter should melt and begin to form a paste, which is the roux.  Once you this starts to form, pour in a small portion of the milk, stirring constantly until the sauce become more consistent, then add a bit more milk again stirring constantly, until it’s all used up.

–  Eventually once the sauce has a velvety consistency, bring it to boil before reducing the heat, adding the spring onions, dill and  pepper for seasoning.

The humble white sauce

The humble white sauce

–  Once you’re happy with the seasoning, place the fish fillets into the sauce, spooning the sauce over the pieces, so that it lightly poaches the fish for approximately 10 minutes, before squeezing in the lemon juice.

– Plate up and serve with some blanched vegetable and you’ve got a tasty nutritious meal in 20 minutes.   Bon Appétit!

Poached cod in herb white sauce

Poached cod in herb white sauce


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