Chicken Corn Soup

One of the main staples that I’ve never seen anyone refuse, is chicken corn soup. Such a simple home cooked dish, yet so savoury and filling at the same time. Growing up as a kid, we were always happy when mum made us a pot full for us, I’m pretty sure, I couldn’t resist just having the one bowl. It wasn’t until I was a little older that I realised just how simple it was to make, yet it’s still just as rewarding to make, let alone eat. I hope you enjoy this recipe as much as I enjoy eating it.

Soup is Good Food

Soup is Good Food


1.3 kg chicken
Rock salt
2″ nub of ginger
3-4 spring onion stalks, cut into 2″ slices
400 grams of canned creamed corn
400 grams of canned corn
1 dozen crab sticks
3 eggs
1 spring onion stalk
1″ nub of ginger
Cracked black pepper
2 table spoon of corn starch
Soy sauce

Colorful soup ingredients

Colourful soup ingredients


– The first step in making your own chicken corn soup, is to prep the chicken. In this case take a whole chicken and give that bird, a decent rub down with some rock salt, making sure you get in all it’s nooks and crannies, this will help to draw out the blood, smooth out the skin and compliment the savouriness of the bird.

– Having sliced the 2″ ginger numb into approximately 5mm slices and the spring onion stalks into 2″ slices including the white stalk parts as well as the green, place them in the cavity of the chicken.

– Place into a pot and fill with water, until the water level rests an inch above the chickens waterline and bring it to boil.

– Once the pot has been brought to boil turn the heat down to a slow simmer and it let it slowly cook away for half an hour.

Mr Chickens Jacuzzi

Mr Chickens Jacuzzi

– Once the half hour is up, transfer the carcass to another bowl or pot and allow it to run under cold water for 10 minutes or cooled down. You can remove the ginger and spring onions as well.

– While the water is running, you can strain the stock into a container and separate 1 litre out for use with the soup, the rest you can strain and pour into an ice-cube tray for convenient use another day. Home made stock in ice-cube form is a really useful item to have in any kitchen, much better than using stock cubes.

– Separating the chicken breasts from the rest of the carcass, shred the breasts into a bowl, the rest of the chicken you can set aside and use however you want, the excess chicken meat is useful for a number of different dishes of your choosing.

Shred this!   Freshly poached and shredded chicken.  =)

Shred this! Freshly poached and shredded chicken. =)

– With the fresh stock that you’d made, pour it back into a pot and add both cans of corn to the liquid and bring to a boil.

Corn + Chicken Stock = Win

Corn + Chicken Stock = Win

– While you wait for it to boil, finely mince the 1″ nub of ginger, shred a stalk spring onion and the crab sticks.

A little spring onions, ginger nad crab sticks, goes a long way

A little spring onions, ginger and crab sticks, goes a long way

– Add the freshly cut condiments into the mix.

Everythings coming to a boil...

Every thing is coming to a boil…

-With a small bowl, add 2 tablespoon of cornflour with another 2 table spoon of water, making a watery paste. Blend it into the mix.

Beat the eggs to trap as much air in it as possible, before stirring the egg into the soup in a large spiral, turning off the heat as soon as the egg bowl is empty, so that you don’t over cook the egg and create lovely egg filaments, drifting through the soup.

Soup is Good Food

Soup is Good Food

– Add the lemon juice, soy sauce and pepper to taste. You should now have a massive serving of chicken corn soup to share with family and friends, to enjoy.


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