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Hai Street Kitchen – Leadenhall Market – London

Fusion food.  Who doesn’t like the idea of combining foods, to get the best of culinary worlds colliding?  Now imagine if you will, the love child of combining fresh ingredients you’d expect to have in a Japanese sushi bar and the flavours that pop in a Mexican burrito.  BOOM!  What’s come forth, from the mind of American chef, Takao Iinuma, is the Sushi-Burrito, which as some of you may have guessed, I’m a sucker for food in that oh so convenient, tube form.

So come one lunch time, looking to embrace my hunter/gatherer instincts, I ended up at the Leadenhall Markets, where I’d been meaning for a while to check out Hai Street Kitchen, home of the Sushi-Buritto.  With it’s invitingly, irreverent name, I decided to venture to the store and see what was on the menu.

Mmm...  more food in tube form.

Mmm… more food in tube form.

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