Jackson Rye – Soho – London

One Sunday morning, in the not so distant past, I woke up, raised my weary head, rubbed my eyes, followed by my belly, and listened to its internal monologue: Feed me.  Feed me now. And with that, it was then out the door (and into some pants), then a mission onto Soho on a Sunday. Rather than mainlining a IV of the dark nectar that is coffee, I ventured past Jackson Rye, an Americana styled establishment, that wasn’t too far off from resembling a 50’s clubroom, with bluegrass southern sounds, pulsing from inside.  I was soon greeted by a friendly and polite, member of staff. PANO_20140601_142004 They were pretty full with bustling tables, which is generally a good sign and seated by the bar, which is not such a bad place to find yourself in.


The Farmers – £8.50

After looking through the menu, I decided to embrace the whole Southern concept, and decided to go the whole hog, ordering The Farmer’s consisting of: Slab bacon Handcut Potatoes hash browns Fried eggs Herbed sausage patty Now this was the first time, I’d tried a slab bacon.  And I’ve got to say, it was fantastic.  It looked like gamon, but wasn’t overly salty like alot of UK bacon (I favour Canadian  bacon style personally), but was oh so tender and with a hint of smoke and sweet. Unfortunately you can’t see the sausage patty, but if you could imagine a, herbaceous Lincolnshire sausage, stuffed into a hashbrown form, that’s pretty much sums it up. Just out of curiosity, they also had corn grits, which I thought I’d try.  What’s grits you say?  Well imagine making porridge out of cornmeal and you’d have a pretty good idea of this Southern comfort dish.  Not bad, but it could also double as wallpaper paste if you ran out.



After downing a coffee, I was pretty much well fed and kick started for the day.



Being conveniently positioned in front of the bar, I struck up a conversation, with the friendly barkeep.  This turned into a pleasant conversation and after discussing with the bar keep his recommended signature drink at Jackson Rye, off his recommendation I ordered a Breakfast Sour.

Breakfast Sour

Breakfast Sour – £6

“What’s in a breakfast Sour”, I hear you ask?  Well imagine if you will, setting up as the base, a shot of whiskey, add for sweetness and flavour apricot preserves, bitters for balance and lemon juice for bit a bit of bite.  With warm apricot notes, and being very easy to drink, you can best think of consuming this quite pleasant concoction, as liquid summer. Jackson Rye actually has a late liquor licence and I can imagine being in the heart of Soho, comfort food and a good bar, working really well for would be barfly/passerby.  I’d recommend popping in and ordering something, whether it be good or drink, or just chatting with the staff. Jackson Rye 219-221 Chiswick High Rd London W4 2DW


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