Ember Yard – Soho, LONDON

It’s definitely been a while since I last posted about one of my culinary adventures, in the world of the epi-curious.  Digging through the backlog of visual smorgasboards and fond remembrance, back one winters day, at the end of 2013, I was fortunate enough to meet up with a gathering of fine friends, and feast on the Latin inspired, Italian/Spanish tapas’ restaurant, where the style of cooking that separates it from the usual tapas’ concept, is that the majority of food comes off a charcoal grill, embedding that smoky flavoursome note, that I enjoy.  Ember yard, did not disappoint

Comfortably seated in our tastefully decorated booth, our waiter explained that the fine selection of tasty treats on the menu, with aplomb and friendliness.  A good sign of a place is happy staff that know’s their food.


Grilled octopus Peperonata and mojo verde aioli – £8.25

initially we ordered the octopus with peperonata and mojo verde aioli, which being a fan of the turgid treats, was surprisingly tender, drizzled and placed atop of the Italian inspired peperonata, the dish was an excellent foray into what was to come next.


Smoked bream carpaccio with bergamot, coriander and bottarga – £6.25

Continuing along the lines of the initial seafood theme, next on our menu was the, smoked bream carpaccio with bergamot, coriander and bottarga a delicate dish and delicious at that.

Quince glazed Iberico pork ribs and celeriac purée

Quince glazed Iberico pork ribs and celeriac purée – £6.25

As most of my friends are aware, I’m a big fan of ribs, which is definitely not first date material, if you’re thinking of taking someone there to impress them, but if you want to gauge if they’re a true foodie, passionate about food enough to reach out and grab it, with both hands, then by all means, order the quince glazed Iberico pork ribs and celeriac purée.  The ribs were so succulent, we ordered it twice.  Finger lickin’ good.


Grilled salt marsh lamb, served with roasted aubergine and salsa verde – £7.25

And speaking about finger licking good, I was civilised enough to use a knife and fork initially on the first order of these, delicious lamb cutlets, which cut was a grilled salt marsh lamb, served with roasted aubergine and salsa verde, mouth watering to say the least.


Free range chicken with cipollini onions, wild mushrooms and guanciale – £7.00

Now one of the dishes that really stood out for me, was the dish pictured above, the free  range chicken with cipollini onions, wild mushrooms and guanciale.  I’d never come across guaciale before.  Apparantly it’s a dry rub jowl bacon.  Let’s just say everything tastes better with bacon, and who wouldn’t with guanciale’s delicate texture and dry rub, it added to the texture and variety of this little chicken and mushroom hotpot dish.  Everything was exceptionally tender.


Salad of grilled william pears, castelfranco, fresh chesnuts and orange dressing – £6.25

Now before being accused of being a complete carnivore, which I can easily understand seeing as we are in a restaurant that pays homage to the hunter gatherer past of the latin fore-bearers, I did enjoy some greenery, with a salad of grilled william pears, castelfranco, fresh chestnuts and orange dressing.  The pear, chestnut and orange combination was a nice combination.


Now if I had my way, dessert should be de rigueur with every meal.  Seeing as we had a fair amount of food, we thought we’d order a couple of desserts to balance everything out.  Intitially we ordered the chocolate soufflé with vanilla ice-cream, crushed nougat and light dash of caramel sauce.


This was then followed up by these we morsels.  If you ever wondered where the hole in the donut hole goes to, here’s a clue…  it’s in my belly.  Dusted with cinnamon, these treats were a great way of finishing our time here at Ember yards, with good food, good company, at affordable prices.  I would recommend Ember yard to anyone, looking to enjoy some up market tapas’ with friends.

Ember Yard

60 Berwick Street


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