The Meat Market – Covent Garden

New Adventures in burgers and bourbon:  A Meat Odyssey.

Finishing work one day and waiting on the train platform, I get a message from YeeBot about the institution that is Meat Liquor opening another branch, under the moniker, Meat Market in Covent Garden.  The combination of curiosity, hunger and nothing better to do, I met up with YeeBot and found our way to Meat Market, opening that day, before all the hipsters and fashionable foodie scener’s (something where I’d obviously stand out like a sore thumb) find there way to this hidden gem.

Making our way up a flight of nondescript stairs, and through the doors in the old Jubilee Market, is a invitingly lit, dinner, with cool signage such as below:


No Attitude is the right attitude.

Once a decision had been made, I happily went up to the counter and was greeted with friendly staff who took my order and asked, “How did you hear about us?”  I replied “My friend mentioned this place and had me at the mention of ‘Meat'”

The first unusual find was discovering the Hard Light Brown shake.  A bourbon and vanilla milkshake flavoured concoction, it was like drinking velvet bourbon, which in my books is a fine combination.

Hard Light Brown

Hard Light Brown – Bourbon Milkshake – £5

Now there are many things that I quite enjoy, steak and cheese being two of them.  If one night they were to say have one too many Hard Light Browns, I believe that there love child, would resemble something like what’s happened below:

Phillycheese Steak

Phillycheese Steak – £8

Behold!  The Philly Cheese-steak, layers of grilled meat, tantalisingly tossed around with capsicums, drizzled in American(plasti) cheese and lovingly layed out, upon a bun, with onions interspersed between the manege.  Tasty, hot and oh so tender.

Dead Hippy

Dead Hippy -£7.50

After consummating the Philly, it was time to move on to the Dead Hippy.  A double barrelled burger, with double the cheese, double the beef and double the lettuce.  This can only be described as how that Scottish Restaurant is supposed to make a Big Mac, but can’t.  Prime beef mince, medium-rare, light bun, smooth mayo and delicious cheese.  A simple formula but it works.

Dead Hippy

Succulent, tasty, with a medium rare finish. Like a how a Big Mac should taste like.

This burger was so succulent I’d wrapped the burger in a serviette and by the end of the experience, it was soaked, in burgery goodness.

I’d recommend you go to the Meat Market, for the funky signs, interesting venue, but most importantly, the food.  It’s all about the food, bringing the street back in to street food.

Meat Market
1 Tavistock Ct
The Piazza


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