Seoul Bakery – Tottenham Court Road

Seoul Bakery is one of those places, where if you blink, you’d probably miss it.  Situated behind Tottenham Court Road Station, along Giles Streets, lies this unassuming Korean cafe, rather than what you’d call a bakery.  Once inside, in what can only be described as designed for Asian anatomical structure, is a cosy area, with walls covered in Post It notes, from past customers featuring various writing and drawings, left behind as a colorful montage.  The staff was friendly and presented us with a menu, where we ordered.  Looking around the customers graffiti, the place was filled with Koreans and students in for cheap eats.

Noodle soup

Udon noodles
Spicey Soup
Pickled vegetables



Steamed rice
Kim chi
Miso soup



At around £7 a dish each, this place ranks as very affordable.

Seoul Bakery
55 St Giles High Street


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