Ribfest – Corporate Box

Following last years Chill Off, we tried getting tickets to the Ribfest.  Demand was so popular after multiple ticket sales, only lasting literally a couple of minutes until selling out, we felt left out, but then relieved  when YeeBot pointed out, that a side event was happening in a private members club that was being relaunched, Century.  Ticket in hand, we ventured out one rainy Saturday afternoon, where we were relieved that the “Corporate Box” was inside away from the wind and rain that was lashing around outside, in the main event, under the marque.

Pork Sliders

Double Pork Sliders – £5
They make your hands look giant.

Once inside, we were given some vouchers that we could redeem.  The choice was limited, but tasty none the less, with sliders and ribs funnily enough on the menu.

The sliders were quite light, but oh so tender, unfortunately the combination means, that they don’t stay in your hands for vary long and make the quick transition form plate, to hands to mouth in a very timely fashion.  After devouring them, what better way to aid in digestion, than a bottle of Bitburger, at £2 a bottle, not a bad option wash that goodness down.


Yes we were hungry…

After kindly changing the feng shui of the room, we managed to move two tables around and had the staff at Century cover the tables, in what was a moment of White Meatiness.


Ribs – £5
Mmmm….. the main event.

We weren’t told who produced the ribs, but they were prepared to a vary satisfying quality.  Quite literally I would pickup the rib by a bone and the meat would stay on the plate, it was that tender.  Biting down into the flesh, it was quite meaty, eventually inching closer down the cut, there was a slight layer of succulent fat between the cartilage and that was were all the goodness lay, in the soft, smoke meat, dipped in the sweet tangy barbecue sauce.

While we may not of had the choice that was available in the main event downstairs, an enjoyable time was had by all.  A roof over our heads, conversation, barbecued pork products and cheap drinks.  Not a bad way to spend a Saturday afternoon.


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  1. Yay, world famous…. in cyberspace!

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