Las Iguanas – Spitalfields Markets

After spending the later part of the evening, wandering the streets of London’s Eastend, following in the footsteps of Jack the Rippers haunts, we eventually ended our tour and wandered away from the scene of the crimes, to Spitalfield Market. Having walked past Las Iguanas many times, we ventured in and were pleasantly surprised with a nicely decorated, friendly ambiance of Las Iguanas, a Latin inspired restaurant, with a spin of street food for grown ups, served up to the hungry masses that had arrived at their doorsteps.

Lamb Empanada, Hot wings, chicken wings

Lamb Empanada
Hot wings
Chicken wings
Hot wings with the good sauce

Having arrived in a sizeable group and hungry we decided to order and share, so what we have here as a mixture of various dishes from across Latin America.  I do have to point out, is that the lamb empanada is definitely recommended.  The chicken wings no matter where you’re from always goes down well.

Chicken wings

Chicken wings of normalness.

Towards the top right of the photo below, you can see the edge of the taco tray.  What’s not to like about, a selection of mini tortillas to be loaded with queso fundido (melted cheeses & salsa), pink pickled onions, radishes, spring onions, soured cream & various other condiments!   And in the middle the goodness that is the lamb empanadas.

When tapas attack

When tapas attack

Gambas and Quesadillas

Gambas and Quesadilla

Now those that know me, know that I have a thing for spicy foods.  Let me take the time to tell you, that the sauce on this, when they say it is hot; is thermal nuclear hot.  Licking your fingers after sampling these bad boys, would be considered fool hearty.  And more the fool am I, for this sauce makes your head buzz for the next 10 minutes.  Conveniently they had a selection of cocktails to choose from, to settle the fire.

Hot Wings

Hot Wings – Bring your own fire hydrant

The interesting dish of the day, was the Moqueca.  Best described as a Indulge. Creamy coconut curry with peppers, garlic & tomatoes. Served with rice, sweet chunky plantain, spicy salsa & toasted coconut farofa.


Moqueca – £10.70

When they call it a Big Burrito, they mean it. This bad boy, was very juicy, with the sweetness of the caramelised onions, was awesome. Some beans to balance the beef and you can put yourself in a mini food coma.

Shredded beef and caramelised onion Burrito

Shredded beef and caramelised onion Burrito – £9.90

There’s something for everyone at Las Iguanas.  I’d recommend going as a group if you’re not sure of what to eat and share, after all what could be better than sharing food and conversation amongst friends?

Las Iguanas

1 Horner Square
Old Spitalfields Market
E1 6AA


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