Burger and Lobster – Mayfair, London

In the beginning of March, one lazy weekend, another culinary adventure was under way.  This time, we were to venture into the Americana inspired eatery known as Burger and Lobster.  As you can probably guess, the cuisine du jour followed the concept of, if you’re going to do something you do it well and that’s exactly what we got when ate at Burger and Lobster.

If you are to visit I’d recommend to come early as they don’t accept pre-bookings, so turn up in a small numbers and you can probably find yourself in one of the comfy booths and if not, you can take a note from our book, where we found ourselves eventually propped up on the bar.  The bar itself had a really good selection of cocktails.  If you can’t get a seat then grab a cocktails, as the list was made by Soul Shakers.


In case you forget where you are.

The staff was very knowledgeable and friendly, showing us to our table, where the menu was very easy to follow:  £20 gets you a salad, chips and a choice of either a lobster on a fresh baguette, boiled lobster or a juicy burger, hence the restaurants name sake.

Lobster baguette

Lobster baguette, salad and fries – £20

If you’re feeling like a snack, then you can’t go wrong having the baguette, with it’s sweet, succulent lobster filling.  They do however on the opposite end of the scale, also have fresh Lobsters imported from Nova Scotia, lobsters of various weights, held in their basements, patiently biding their time, until they go for their final hottub session in the kitchen…

Lobster, salad and fries

Lobster, salad and fries – £20
Don’t foget the garlic butter!!!

The lobster when it came out was a good size serving.  Boiled or grilled your choice.  The tasty treat, also happens to come with a serving of garlic butter for your first date pleasure.  Mmm….   crustaceans and garlic.  What was nice was mixing a bit of the garlic butter with the mayo, for a make shift aeoli, which went down well with the fries.

My attempt below will show you my attempt at post-modern de-constructivism, as as I like to put a really tasty but pricey burger meal.


Burger, saland and fries – £20
Food pr0n at it’s finest….

What can I say?  Melted cheese, bacon and 10oz worth of grass-fed Irish and corn-fed Nebraskan beef.  Deeee-licious!

Eventually once you’ve loosened your waistband a bit and decide to settle in on dessert.  The choice for £4 was lime and chocolate mousse.  The gingerbread crumbs and coffee beans are a nice touch to the delicious velvety texture of the mousse.


Lime and Chocolate Mousse – £4 each.

So if you’re a fan of Lobster and want a fast food for grownups, I’d recommend you go checkout Burger and Lobster.

29 Clarges Street


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  1. “… their final hottub session in the kitchen” – I like it! 🙂 That was a fun evening! I definitely want to go back for more lobster and cocktails.

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