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Burger and Lobster – Mayfair, London

In the beginning of March, one lazy weekend, another culinary adventure was under way.  This time, we were to venture into the Americana inspired eatery known as Burger and Lobster.  As you can probably guess, the cuisine du jour followed the concept of, if you’re going to do something you do it well and that’s exactly what we got when ate at Burger and Lobster.

If you are to visit I’d recommend to come early as they don’t accept pre-bookings, so turn up in a small numbers and you can probably find yourself in one of the comfy booths and if not, you can take a note from our book, where we found ourselves eventually propped up on the bar.  The bar itself had a really good selection of cocktails.  If you can’t get a seat then grab a cocktails, as the list was made by Soul Shakers.


In case you forget where you are.

The staff was very knowledgeable and friendly, showing us to our table, where the menu was very easy to follow:  £20 gets you a salad, chips and a choice of either a lobster on a fresh baguette, boiled lobster or a juicy burger, hence the restaurants name sake.

Lobster baguette

Lobster baguette, salad and fries – £20

If you’re feeling like a snack, then you can’t go wrong having the baguette, with it’s sweet, succulent lobster filling.  They do however on the opposite end of the scale, also have fresh Lobsters imported from Nova Scotia, lobsters of various weights, held in their basements, patiently biding their time, until they go for their final hottub session in the kitchen…

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Las Iguanas – Spitalfields Markets

After spending the later part of the evening, wandering the streets of London’s Eastend, following in the footsteps of Jack the Rippers haunts, we eventually ended our tour and wandered away from the scene of the crimes, to Spitalfield Market. Having walked past Las Iguanas many times, we ventured in and were pleasantly surprised with a nicely decorated, friendly ambiance of Las Iguanas, a Latin inspired restaurant, with a spin of street food for grown ups, served up to the hungry masses that had arrived at their doorsteps.

Lamb Empanada, Hot wings, chicken wings

Lamb Empanada
Hot wings
Chicken wings
Hot wings with the good sauce

Having arrived in a sizeable group and hungry we decided to order and share, so what we have here as a mixture of various dishes from across Latin America.  I do have to point out, is that the lamb empanada is definitely recommended.  The chicken wings no matter where you’re from always goes down well.

Chicken wings

Chicken wings of normalness.

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Seoul Bakery – Tottenham Court Road

Seoul Bakery is one of those places, where if you blink, you’d probably miss it.  Situated behind Tottenham Court Road Station, along Giles Streets, lies this unassuming Korean cafe, rather than what you’d call a bakery.  Once inside, in what can only be described as designed for Asian anatomical structure, is a cosy area, with walls covered in Post It notes, from past customers featuring various writing and drawings, left behind as a colorful montage.  The staff was friendly and presented us with a menu, where we ordered.  Looking around the customers graffiti, the place was filled with Koreans and students in for cheap eats.

Noodle soup

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Ribfest – Corporate Box

Following last years Chill Off, we tried getting tickets to the Ribfest.  Demand was so popular after multiple ticket sales, only lasting literally a couple of minutes until selling out, we felt left out, but then relieved  when YeeBot pointed out, that a side event was happening in a private members club that was being relaunched, Century.  Ticket in hand, we ventured out one rainy Saturday afternoon, where we were relieved that the “Corporate Box” was inside away from the wind and rain that was lashing around outside, in the main event, under the marque.

Pork Sliders

Double Pork Sliders – £5
They make your hands look giant.

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The Meat Market – Covent Garden

New Adventures in burgers and bourbon:  A Meat Odyssey.

Finishing work one day and waiting on the train platform, I get a message from YeeBot about the institution that is Meat Liquor opening another branch, under the moniker, Meat Market in Covent Garden.  The combination of curiosity, hunger and nothing better to do, I met up with YeeBot and found our way to Meat Market, opening that day, before all the hipsters and fashionable foodie scener’s (something where I’d obviously stand out like a sore thumb) find there way to this hidden gem.

Making our way up a flight of nondescript stairs, and through the doors in the old Jubilee Market, is a invitingly lit, dinner, with cool signage such as below:


No Attitude is the right attitude.

Once a decision had been made, I happily went up to the counter and was greeted with friendly staff who took my order and asked, “How did you hear about us?”  I replied “My friend mentioned this place and had me at the mention of ‘Meat'”

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