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Camden Brewery – Black Friday


Mid-Friday at the office, I get a message, about a few drinks literally down the road from whereI work.  As it’s on the way home, I thought it would be rude otherwise, not to wet the palate.  So with the thought of escaping work, it was down to Camden Breweries, the local brewmeisters, near my work.
Celebrating Friday the 13th, Camden Breweries in spectacular fashion had decided to release their black Pilsner, the Black Friday.
Looking like a watery stout, but with the distinct bite of a Pilsner, courtesy of some hops from back at my homeland in NZ, picked from the Greenlands of Motueka, the Black Friday has a fairly pleasant character, like many of the other fine range, from Camden Breweries.  At £4 a pint, while jot the cheapest, it’s not badly placed for a boutique beer.
Whilst there, near the back of the bar, stood a hot dog. But not just any hot dig stand, but Big Apple Hotdog stand. The recommended hotdog du jour, was The Big Dog. A smokey beheamoth of meat in tube firm, lovingly nestled between a bun. It was so good I decided too, double down and ordered two.
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