Cafe Mama Pho – Deptford

One surprising evening, while venturing out to Deptford, on recommendation by one of our friends, it started snowing. Fortunately for us at the time, the bus stop was quite close to Cafe Mama Pho, the venue in question. Inside a cosy, cafe, run by friendly staff, we were soon seated at our table, away from the falling snow.
Looking through the menu, the items were quite reasonably priced. I decided on the Cha Hue, a deep fried Vietnamese sausage served with fish sauce & freshly chopped lettuce. Something about meat in tube form and being deep fried, always goes down with me.

Cha hue – £4.50

The second entree ordered was the bahn cuon, steamed rice pastry (Cheung Fun) filled with a savoury filling. Consists of pork, shallots & Chinese mushrooms. It also came served with slices of Vietnamese ham & poached bean sprout. This dish is quite delicious, if someone was to make a entire tray of them, while watching a movie, I’m pretty sure I’d need an elastic waist band later on.

Banh Cuon – £5.00

After those two dishes were cosumed, next on the menu was the classic Pho Tai, or rare beef with flat rice noodle (Ho Fun) soaked in a homemade beef broth. While appreciated on that cold winter day and definitely a nice stock, soemthing about it seemed to lack the intensity I’m used to, as if it was missing some ingrediants.

Pho Tai – £6.00

Lastly the Bun cha gio thit nuong came out, a dry based vermicelli noodles served with BBQ lemon grass pork, crispy spring rolls, salad, peanuts & spicy fish sauce. The pork had a definite character of it’s own, but again something about the vermicelli noodles, was missing from it.

Bun Cha Gio Thit Nuong – £6.00

While not being the best Vietnamese food I’ve ever eaten, it was satisfying and cheap. If you’re passing through the area and wondering what to eat, it is worth a look.

Cafe Mama Pho
24 Evelyn Street


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